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Snyder Cut: Reactions

As we (my husband and I) were about to start watching the Snyder Cut, Shaggy suggested that I write my reactions and thoughts while watching since I had already made blog posts about it. I was hesitant to do that as the movie is four hours long. Reminding him of the run-time made him realize …

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Running Late

Hello everyone! We have my husband’s younger sister visiting for a few nights this week. I’ve been visiting and haven’t been a very good author. Sorry about that. Expect to see today’s post sometime this weekend. Hopefully. If it doesn’t happen I’ll be back to my normal schedule next week! Hope the picture of one …

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Snyder Cut Expectations

The time has finally come. I finally have a weekend with no plans and a subscription to HBO Max. It’s time to set aside my entire afternoon or evening to watch the Justice League Snyder Cut. I’ve already seen the original and have been disappointed at it. So now it’s time to see if adding …

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Petty Reviews: Subnautica

The ocean is scary! Too scary! Humans can’t survive in that environment. We need all of our scuba gear and submarines to spend any length of time down there. Anything and everything can potentially hurt you or poison you. We haven’t even finished mapping it out and figuring out what’s down there. For all we …

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