Running Late

Hello everyone!

We have my husband’s younger sister visiting for a few nights this week. I’ve been visiting and haven’t been a very good author. Sorry about that.

Expect to see today’s post sometime this weekend. Hopefully. If it doesn’t happen I’ll be back to my normal schedule next week!

Hope the picture of one of my cats makes up for it.

New Series! Memoirs of a Geek

Hello to everyone reading my blog, both followers and visitors! On Geek Aporia I happen to have an ongoing series called Petty Reviews. This series is my experiences with videos games, and other things, that have made me so upset I couldn’t finish them. I’ve been enjoying writing this as it is a healthy way to express rage. Hopefully you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed venting!

However I’ve come to realize that I wanted to write positive memories and experiences too. All of the fun random moments I still fondly remember no matter how much time has passed. In order to do this, I have decided to start a new series I am calling Memoirs of a Geek. The title is a bit dramatic. But hey, so am I! Expect to see posts of this series every other Wednesday, starting tomorrow.